fast conversion int<->float<->double arays

I am looking for fast conversion routines that convert between arrays of int (different types|widths), float, and double.
They should use platform-specific instructions (e.g. SIMD2) if available, or fall back a portable solution otherwise.

I am *not* looking for loose links/snippets how to do individual conversions.

Any suggestions?
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You may not like this suggestion:

You're probably barking up the wrong tree.  Converting the data is very unlikely to be a bottleneck:

(1)  Assuming the data came off or is going to the disk or network, the I/O has to be much slower than the conversion time.

(2)  If the floats are going in or out of some computation, any non-trivial computation is going to be much slower than the conversion.

(3)  If you really want to speed up the code, recast it so no data conversion is required.

So I suggest you look elsewhere for speedups unless you can show that the conversion really is a speed problem.


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peterchen092700Author Commented:
Problem is, this goes into a tool library that runs background services which should have lowest possible impact. If I find something ready made that reduces time by 5%, I'm fine. (If I have to code two days, it's not worth the trouble)

The data conversions are unavoidable, since they are interfacing different components.

(I think the biggest time easter will be running through the 128K*8Bytes of memory anyway)
peterchen092700Author Commented:
Can be closed for my part.
peterchen092700Author Commented:
umm... I can't close it with points refunded, right?
(haven't been here often lately...)

while grg99's comments are valid, they don't answer the question at all.
peterchen092700Author Commented:
I've obviously not been here for too long... sorry.
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