bandwidth limiting, non limiting router..

Curious and bored once more, wondering if someone can help me out..

Basically, I have a router with no bandwidth limiting features. I would like to limit bandwidth from certian IP's on this network.

After considering installing QoS and IPv6 to give a significant amount of lag, on to the computers which I wish to limit, This.. didn't make much sense, so, I thought "Hmm, what if I were a sort of "man-in-the-middle" proxy. EG Router-Me-IPsIwantLimited

Is there any software out there for this kind of operation?
So I change the default gateways on the machines to my IP address, My Comp. basically just forwards the traffic to the router at a set speed, as though the router were recieving it at a 28.8k sorta speed.., recieves response from router and forwards it back to the IP address that requested said information, without havening to setup proxy server sh..tuff in web-browsers/realplayer or whatever / etc

I'm trying various proxy-software at the moment but none of it does quite what I want to so far.. I shall continue though.

I'm sure there'll be holes in this plan as I'm extremely tired at the moment, but if anyone knows of software that does this sorta thing, It would be *greatly* apprechiated.

And because rebuilding the wheel is bad.
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I think that should be doable with a squid Proxy Server.
If you have an old machince, install FreeBSD as a bridge and run dummynet.  You cna then limit/shape bandwidth by IP or MAC.


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testithmanAuthor Commented:
To first guy:
Looks interesting. I shall play..

To 2nd guy:
The linux page was interesting.
Tried ccproxy, didn't do the job w/out putting proxy settings in IE/other stuff. too much hassle.
Netlimiter - Not what I'm after.
"..It based on router with NAT, traffic shaping.." = not me

To the third guy:
Much more what I was after, thankyou. An old laptop w/ an extra pcmcia network adaptor and "You don't need to install FreeBSD on your hard disk to use it, as below you will find a bootable single-floppy version of FreeBSD which includes dummynet, bridging, and a lot of other goodies." (though I'm sure there will be some driver issues.. perhaps I shall just install freebsd to it's harddrive =P or use one of the many old pc's laying around here hehe) will be more than sufficiant. Thankyou muchly.
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