Shadow Copies - Disadvantages? What are they?

I am going to setup shadow copies and was thinking of creating a shadowed copy at , 1pm , 3pm, and 5.30pm.

We have an HP Proliant M series. it has a 3ghz Pentium 4, 512mb ram, and 3 250gb sata drives running in raid 5 giving us 500gb storage.

Would this amount of shadow copying slow down the server by a significant ammount? Or how much would it slow down by? And  would it be advisable to shadow copy every 1 hour, or perhaps every 2 hours? Staff are generally using computers from 8am - 6pm.

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Disk space is going to be your major issue here, rather than speed or performance issues. You can have a maximum of 63 Shadow copies snap shots, which say (dependant on the number of files changed by the users) could take up easily 10-15% of the RAID 5 volume.

Is there a particular reason you want to take some many snapshots? Are the users really that bad at making mistakes or deleting stuff?

Normal times I've had to use for "worried" departments were 10am, 1pm, and 4pm. I thought this was over kill personally, but it cover the majority of the silly mistakes.

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georgecooldudeAuthor Commented:
Space isn't really as issue.

We've moving up from a 15gb drive. Most users are good at keeping their files but occasionally there are problems. Tape backups have proved really annoying in the past.

I don't think we will ever use all 500gb within the next couple of years at least. We also have another spare slot we could put a 250gb drive in which would give us an extra 190gb or something of space.

Are there any other disadvantages? And if I have a shadow copy of readme.txt and say the user decided to delete this copy. Then can it still be recovered? I know shadow copies are only partial and need the original file to work. So would this work?
georgecooldudeAuthor Commented:
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as What90 sayed, disk space is your major issue.
their should be no significant slow down of your server.
but be sure to apply all shadow copies hotfixes (KB 833167).
if you locate the shadow copies on another drive then the shadowed one, you can lost all shadow copies.
this occures if the drive, containing your shadow copies, does not become ready after 30 seconds after startup of windows.
but keep in mind, shadow copies are not a replacement for a backup!
georgecooldudeAuthor Commented:
>> And if I have a shadow copy of readme.txt and say the user decided to delete this copy. Then can it still be recovered? I know shadow copies are only partial and need the original file to work. So would this work?

I just need clarification on the above now. =)
yes it would.
if the whole file changes, the whole file will be shadowed, as all blocks of the file are changed.
georgecooldudeAuthor Commented:
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