logon script not working

I've made a logon script ("users.bat") and dump it in my server netlogon folder ("\\server01\netlogon")

in ("users.bat") i wrote ("net use x: \\server01\sharing")
sharing folder have permission to everyone.

i assign that logon script to every single account my putting ("\\server01\netlogon\users.bat")

i also have a home folder assign to the users ("\\server01\folder\%username%")

when i login with a computer. only the home directory is connected.

what do you think happen?
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Debsyl99Connect With a Mentor Commented:

If you're putting that script in the logon script path in the users's account in ad users and computers, you only need to enter

users.bat - You don't need to specify the path as the system looks for it automatically in netlogon folder. Or are you assigning this using logon scripts in group policy?
Try running the command from the users machine once they are logged in, ie "net use x: \\server01\sharing" and see if they have the credentials to connect to the share or whether you have a permissions problem. Remember there are share permissions as well as NTFS permissions also.
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