destructor and vector question

I'm confused.
I've written a very simple class (called Region) that puts a line on the screen in the constructor and one in the destructor. I have a static int in that class keeping the number of instances (incremented by one in every constructor) and a private int that keeps the id of every instance (so in the constructor I have mynumber = numberofinstances).
This being said, this is the code (it is testcode, I was checking how vector does its destruction):

void testMethod()

       Region region;      
            vector<Region> regv;
            Region r2;
            printf("after creation vector");
            printf("after first pushback");
            printf("after second pushback");
      printf("after everything");


On screen I get:

Constructor Region: instances:0 // creating my 2 instances
Constructor Region: instances:1
after creation vector
after first pushback
destructor Region class for number 0 //  ?? why here
after second pushback
destructor Region class for number 1 // destructor vector
destructor Region class for number 0
destructor Region class for number 1 // out of scope second object due to }
after everything
destructor Region class for number 0 // out of scope first object due to end of method

I don't understand this. I do understand that my objects get destroyed twice, once for getting out of scope and once by the destructor of the vector.
But I don't understand the parts with the "??" next to them.

Can anyone explain this ?

Thanks !
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Hi themuppeteer,
It looks like you have inconsistent output order. If you want to mix C-style IO (like printf) with C++ IO, make sure that none is buffered.



This line creates new instance of Region using copy constructor and keeps it inside of vector. Add copy constructor to the Region class with appropriate output and you will see what happens.

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themuppeteerAuthor Commented:
AlexFM you are 100% right. I did not know the vector did that.

thanks a lot!
themuppeteerAuthor Commented:
thanks for replying to stefan, well ,actually it wasn't buffered but I'm switching between a linux machine and a windows pc and I type it over. I forgot the '\n' at the end of my printf...

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