Identifying RAID level

Does any one know of a quick way to identify the RAID level for disks on an existing server?

The server does not have any additional management utilities above the standard Windows 2000 server.
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Start by going into Disk Manager. If the volumes are using software RAID, you will find it under Logical Volumes.

If the hardware is doing the RAID support behind the system's back, so to speak, you will need the controller management software to display this (just checked two client systems, one with Hardware and one with Software RAID; there is no comment about RAID on the system using Hardware RAID unless I go into the manufacturer's controller control utility).

Identify the controller involved and download the correct management software for it from the manufacturer's www site.

Hope this helps.

- Bob (aka RLGSC)

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When you boot the server you should see info on the status of your raid array during startup, you should also be able open the bios raid utility by pressing some key combination, like ctrl+f.
IBM, Dell and other manufactures have software that you need to install in order to view the RAID information from the OS.  These software peices replace Disk Manegment and show you all of the fun stuff you can do with your RAID controller.  If you let me know what type of server it is I can help you out more.

If you dont want to use the software then you will need to restart the computer and boot into your RAID card using the key it tells you to press.

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