Place textbox text into XML element

Hi all

I am in desperate need of assitance. I have a VB6 program that splits text out of XML documents using FileSystemObjet and iot does all that I need, however when it comes time to place the ammended text back into the relevant XML elements I am getting very stuck. The file structure is as follows. This is extremely urget for me. If you can provide a .NET example that is also ok.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
- <page>
- <content>
-  <freetext>
-   <freetexts>
      <html> *Ammended Text to be overwritten from VB Text box*</html>  

THe code I have so far is as follows:

Private Sub PopulateXml()

Dim xml As New msXML.DOMDocument
Dim nList As msXML.IXMLDOMNodeList
Dim n As msXML.IXMLDOMNode
Dim tmpStr As String

xml.Load (FullPath)

Set nList = xml.documentElement.getElementsByTagName("html")

For Each n In nList

      *code to append the existing html element with text from Text1.txt*    
      *something like n.appendChild(tmpStr) im not sure*


End Sub

I have looked at many examples on the net using DOM objects but I just cant understand how to assign the actual text string to a node and then append the node.
Please could someone explain how to do this.

Many thanks in advance
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n.text = textbox.text

Thats it.

if its a sub node

n.selectSingleNode("html").text = textbox.text

Then at the end do

xml.Save FullPath

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Ooh if you're using .NET replace n.text with n.InnerText
Zorac_da_mantisAuthor Commented:
Top answer

Thanks for the quick response!!!

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