AS/400 OS/400 Restore times - RSTOBJ -v- RSTLIB

I am trying to restore a library that takes about 2 hours to save and 8 hours to rstore.  It is saved to the 3580 tape drive as a SAVLIB LIB(*ALLUSR) and am using RSTOBJ OBJ(*ALL) SAVLIB(IPTSFIL) DEV(TAPULT01) ENDOPT(*LEAVE) MBROPT(*ALL) ALWOBJDIF(*ALL) RSTLIB(IPTSFIL2) OUTPUT(*PRINT) command

As i want to restore all objects in this library is there a quicker way to do it?  The save includes ACCPTH(*YES) so shouldnt take that much longer to restore.

I also have a file with 14,000 empty members and 8 logicals over that file which takes quite some time to restore even with ACCPTH(*YES).

Any help very gratefully received
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i suggest you need to post your question there instead of here
there are a lot more as400 people in that forum

i do a full savsys each friday - which includes (savlib *allusr by default)
save with the access paths *yes causes the save process to run longer
when i need to restore (very seldom) i restore from the back up take
(i would ask why you are doing all these restores but, i guess you have your reasons)

but unless you have a problem with your harddrives (replacing/rebuilding?)
i don't think you have to restore with the access paths,
the access paths are still there right?  

the slow restore is caused by the rebuilding of the access paths
did you try restoring without rebuilding the access paths?


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RVITAuthor Commented:
Hi Thanks for that couldn't find the AS/400 section.

The reason for the restores is to rebuild the test system which i do weekly.  However, i'm clearing the libs first.

Maybe this isn't the right way to do it?
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