web app - image button - removing dotted outline when selected


     I have a menu that's created with a combination of image buttons and image controls - the buttons have a vertical line on the left and the item on the right (Form1, Form2, whathaveyou) that redirects to other pages.  Then between the buttons are image controls with the vertical line, to create the illusion that everything is one graphic.  When people with different privileges log in, different menu items are displayed, and sometimes in different places.  My problem is that this has caused me to overlap some of the controls slightly that are visible simultaneously.  When you click some of the buttons, as you click, a dotted outline appears around them, and sometimes the dotted outline obviously disappears behind another control.  This is purely an asthetic issue, but I really want for those dotted lines not to appear at all.  How do I make that happen?  I don't see any properties on the controls that seem to dictate this.


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firstly a simple one that you may not have seen there is a property of an image button that is called borderstyle if you set that to none it should stop it occuring unless you set it in css else where.
Another solution is to set the css (using the cssClass property) and overwrite the settings using that, im afraid i dont know all the css tags you will need to change of the top of my head but you should be able to find them out from w3c in their css section.

Hope that is of some help


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