Mac Safari and Flash Not Ouputting Proper Url

MAC Safari does not work with the following code:

_root["menuName"+i].onRelease = function() {
                  getURL("/index.cfm?r=orlive", "_blank");

When clicking on link in Safari, it gives the following results:

However, every other browser works fine.  Is there a solution for this type of anomaly?



Reference url: 

Just click on any of the links under recent broadcasts.
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Do you have any special character within the

I think is that kind of problem, but... how to solve? any other experts know??

splendorxAuthor Commented:
Hi Vicker,

When trying to use Safari 1.0 (v85), it causes the browser to throw an error.  However, when using the latest Safari, the link works, but it removes: /index.cfm?r=orlive

NOTE: I use the /index.cfm?r=orlive to collect referrer info because IE does not allow HTTP_REFERRER

This is only the begining of my problem with Safari...  Now external jpgs are not loading into Safari.  When thumbnails are rolled over a larger image should show up, but it does not (  When examining the activity log from Safari, it tries to load a non-existant image.  Somehow Safari is reading a different XML node: thumbnailLabel as opposed to thumbnail

I am truly baffled why this is occuring and swf works in every other MAC and pc browser except Safari.

Any ideas/ comments/ solutions are appreciated.

splendorxAuthor Commented:
Another insteresting observation is when viewing swf only in Safari - everything works fine.  I would have to assume there may be an issue with the embed tag?  Anybody have an idea of the proper syntax of the embed tag of Mac Safari?
splendorxAuthor Commented:
I have figured out the that Flash appends 09%09%09%09%09 after each element when creating an array.  I am not sure why this occurrs, but it does.  It appears to be a bug in Flash.  The solution is to trim the array variable, then append url variable.  Please refund points and delete question!
Closed, 400 points refunded.
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