Hal.dll Missing - Come Quick

This morning, a family member selected recovery console from the boot-up selection list and somehow started recovering things.  I rushed upstairs and immediatley turned off the computer.  I booted-up the computer, and it asked me something along the lines of delete recovery data and proceed to the boot-up menu.  I selected that and it told me Hal.dll was missing.  So I went in search of a solution, so I went into the repair area of the start-up disc and entered the following commands:
Attrib -H -R -S C:\Boot.ini
DEL C:\Boot.ini
BootCfg /Rebuild
(Enter Load Indentifer: Fixboot)
(Enter OS Load Options: (/fastdetect))
I followed through with all that, then restarted the comp.  Now it tells me something along the lines of it can't load the need kernel files or something.  Any help will be greatly appreciated, I really don't want to reformat the harddrive.  I'll be gone for a few hours, so I won't be able to respond immediatley to any posts.
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first try this
Start the System Restore tool at a command prompt

Restart your computer, and then press F8 during the initial startup to start your computer in Safe Mode with a command prompt.

For additional information about the Safe mode with a command prompt, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

315222 A description of the Safe mode boot options in Windows XP

Log on to your computer with an administrator account or with an account that has administrator credentials.

Type the following command at a command prompt, and then press ENTER:


Follow the instructions that appear on the screen to restore your computer to an earlier state

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T-SnipezAuthor Commented:
Ok I'm back, sorry that took so long.  First off, I'd like to thank everbody for posting to help me out.  However, I'm not exactly comfortable using the Recovery Console since it's what got me here the first place and I also can't access safe mode.  Second, I'd like to clarify some things first.  The computer I was having the problem with was a Compaq (Windows XP Home SP2), that has a recovery console built-in, and comes pre-loaded with Windows XP Home Edition SP1 on a secondary drive with no additional CD.  Now, since it came with no CD, I used the CD I have for another computer that has SP2 slip-streamed onto it.  This may have caused problems, maybe not.  Also, I believe I may have done a few things wrong, possibly not.  First off, when it asked me for the Load Identifer, I entered fixboot instead of Windows XP Home.  This may or may not be a problem as I have read on sites that this is a customizable thing.  Second, on one site it told me to enter fixboot at the end, however, other sites did not mention this, so I did not enter the command fixboot at the end.  Well, I hope this information helps you understand more experts!  Also, I am wondering if I should try to copy the hal.dll file, however, I am confused if this is the right thing to do, since those commands I entered had to do with boot.ini
T-SnipezAuthor Commented:
Sorry I forgot to add that it tells me when I boot it up now: Load needed DLLs for Kernel
If it interests anyone, I will be more than willing to add a few gmail accounts to the solution.
this is why the commands had to do with the boot.ioni
very thorough site on missing hal.dll

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T-SnipezAuthor Commented:
Once again, sorry it took so long to post back.  I just barely got through following through both of the options on the site you gave me.  No luck.  I successfully completed options 1 and 2 from start to finish.  I am still getting the error: Load needed DLLs for Kernel.  Any more suggestions? I really don't want to reformat the harddrive
before formatting, try the inplace upgrade from my first link
T-SnipezAuthor Commented:
Hey thanks for all your help.  I don't think I'll do an inplace upgrade yet since my PC is from HP and had preinstalled things, settings, and other things.  However, my PC came with a secondary harddrive that already has a recovery console on it, which I think has a repair option, however, it is not allowing me to start the recovery console.  I have emailed HP, and am awaiting for their response.  If I don't get much out of them, I'll be back in a heart beat.  Anyways, did you want any of those gmail accounts?
Have them diagnose your hard drive too, while you're at it. Goodluck.
T-SnipezAuthor Commented:
Sorry it took me so long to get back, I've been with out a computer for a few days.  I never got it to work, and just bought a 160gb harddrive to back-up the data and reformat it.  I'll give ya the points, sorry there's not that many.  Thanks for your help!
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