Meaning and use of SCO's cpio -K option?

We're running a SCO OpenServer 5.0.5 production box, with the following one-line scripts for (1) application system and (2) OS backups.

(1) find /u -depth -print | cpio -ocv > /dev/rStp0 -C10240 -K20000000

(2) find / -depth -print | cpio -ocv > /dev/rStp0 -C10240 -K20000000

According to SCO UNIX in a Nutshell, the -K value specifies volume size, but in what units? Blocks? Bytes?

I ran an OS backup this morning that captured 1,551,460 blocks.

The backup used to write to a QIC device with 250MB and 525MB tapes (I don't know whether the 250MB tapes were sufficient); now it writes to a DDS3 device with 12/24GB tapes (non-compressed/compressed). Do I still need to specify this parameter? If so, at what value?

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Hi Geoff,

the '-K' parameter specifies the media volume size in 1KB blocks -- the example used in the  SCO OpenServer Release 5 manpages linked below explains that a 1.2 MB floppy would need '-K1200'.

SCSI tapes should not need the -K parameter at all.

take care,


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Geoff_KovarikAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your quick response.

Is it ignored for SCSI tapes?

I noticed that when I ran SCO's BackupManager (in graphical mode) to back up /dev/root, it asked for a non-zero value for this parameter, and I think BackupManager runs cpio, but I'm not sure. I gave it the same value as shown in the scripts, and it ran happily.

I wonder (1) what would happen if the size of the data to be backed up exceeded this value and (2) whether the above scripts will run without the specification. I'll test this, but do you happen to know about either?

Geoff_KovarikAuthor Commented:
Another thing: the link you provided is a dead end. Visiting presents a full page of broken links...
Is that page cached somewhere - or if you have access, could you paste that page into a comment?

Thanks again.
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Geoff_KovarikAuthor Commented:
Er...never mind. Found the page in a Google cache, just as I should have.

Geoff_KovarikAuthor Commented:
Tested script yesterday without -C and -K f lags, copying a subset of system data files to our SCSI tape drive. Ended OK; all seems well.

Glad to hear it and you're welcome!

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