Merge Error: Record 1 contained too many Datafields?

I have troubling problem with word merge section of an application I
have written in VB.Net.

Our client has discovered that certain documents fail during the Merge
with the following Error "Record 1 contained too many data fields". I
took a close look at the documents that were working and the documents
that were failing and could not find any differences in the merge
fields. To even complicate the issue further I had the client email me
the docs that were failing during the merge so I could try to
reproduce the error and found that they worked perfectly on my

The Datasource is an RTF file that is created by the application at
Our client is running Win2k with Office XP.
I am running XP Pro with Office XP

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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Joanne M. OrzechConnect With a Mentor Manager, Document Services CenterCommented:
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