When I access my external hardrives thru explorer my cpu usage shoots up to 75-80- 100% and stays there even when closed and all apps slow down

I am running windows xp pro on a dell workstation dual 2.8 - 1 gig mem  - two SCSI and a 250 gig ide - two external hard drives

whenever I access a external hard drive through explorer my cpu usage spikes to 75-80 and even 100% and will stay there and not go down - when I reboot, the end program box comes up meaning its not responding - on the external drives I have tons of video - in some folders I have 45-50gigs of footage - I can imagine the usage would spike while accessing those but after I close it you would think it would slowley come back down - the external drives are connected via two different firewire cards one is a 300 gig the other is 160 gig - otherwise my computer runs like a champ - my operating system is on a scsi 36 gig (seagate)-  

when I access the video on the drives through premiere the video is not jerky and scrubbs smooth, this only happens when I directally access the drives through explorer - latley I have had the task manager up monitering all kinds of activity - I have gone to a tweaking page and turned off unnessesary services - I have multiple adware programs  - up to date virus - right now I have outlook, aftereffects, explorer and premiere open and my cpu usage is at 2%

I hate haveing to reboot all the time after accessing those drives - the worst is the 300 gig maxtor -

any ideas??
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Can you check the Event viewer and see if any errors exist ?
scooper69Author Commented:
I have not accessed my drive till right now so I could check out the events to see if there is a problem - I accesed a video on my 300 gig maxtor through explorer then closed it and now my usage is at 70-80% with explorer at 80-107 mem usage even though there are no explorer windows open

the even log has a error earlier this morning from system

The mrtRate service failed to start due to the following error:
The system cannot find the file specified.

and a warning
Your computer was not able to renew its address from the network (from the DHCP Server) for the Network Card with network address "I erased this part" 6E2.  The following error occurred:
The semaphore timeout period has expired. . Your computer will continue to try and obtain an address on its own from the network address (DHCP) server.

no application errors
any chance you have Quicken installed or had Quicken installed..
mrtRate.sys is a file associated with quicken that can cause communication problems between devices.

if you have quicken:

Uninstall the version of Quicken on your computer.
Reinstall your prior version of Quicken.
Uninstall your prior version of Quicken.
Answer Yes to All when asked if shared files should be removed.
Reinstall your current version of Quicken.
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scooper69Author Commented:
you are correct and I did what you asked -

after reboot I accessed my 300 gig external and my cpu usage is now at 100% with explorer at 50% 129,000 k mem usage and system at 50% with 224k usage (I guess that is just windows keeping the CPU ready for action) however the explorer at 50% is still an issue - I can open other apps with a little noticable slowness however when I try to access external it is REALLY SLOW but now the cpu has stayed the same (at 50% and hasnt spikes to over 200,000k like before) i think you helped however anything else you can think of to troubleshoot this - you can see I do have a pretty powerful system and I cant have explorer eating it up by just accessing a external drive (which I have to have for video editing)
Try to see if you have any large files in the ext drives root folder...
If yes try to move them down to subfolders. Have as less gigabytes in a folder as you can.
Usually if a folder has too many files that catch up too much space (e.g. a folder with files that are over 100gb and no subfolders)
it causes these problems.......
scooper69Author Commented:
that is understandable - this took me about 2 hours to do  - I broke folders down to about 10 gig each right off the root - so that there are no folders with over 10 gig in them (the drive is about 90% full) however after I removed the quicken and uninstalled rebooted and moved all those files around and rebooted again I ended up booting into a scan disk - which I rarley see in xp pro - now my task manager says cpu usage 50% after a clean boot nothing running (without accessing my externals)

system idle process 49% - which I know means nothing
but system at 50% - it didnt say this before - it used to be at 0% after rebooting -
all other processes are at 0%  - is this "system" wrong?? should it be there?

I accesed my 300gig external and your suggestion I believe did the trick - I opened some folders and copy and pasted some files, click open some more folders and my explorer stayed around 2-20% then went down to 0%  while in the folder - I guess that was my problem - however my cpu usage is still staying at 50% which it didnt do before -
Now try to see if there are any temporary files your computer has kept and are slowing him down...
Look in any temp-like folders... Also try defragging your disk.
scooper69Author Commented:
can I delete all files in my temorary folders??
Unless you put other files in there, files in the temporary folder are just what the name says... Temporary

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scooper69Author Commented:
This is now driving me nuts - after lots of trying things, here is whats happening

I have a internal IDE 250 gig - scsi 34 gig - scsi 146 gig and 2 external hard drives - whenever I access my 146 scsi drive or my external drives my explorer shoots up to 50% cpu usage and will stay there even after explorer is closed and if I go back to those drives explorer will freeze and I will have to end the program - when I end the program then my cpu goes back to 0% - I have rebooted with just the windows processes to see if it was some background service, which there is not and same problem happened - I have spybot and adware and norton antivirus - I also have a program that lets me see deep into the services running on my computer - however nothing is running except my explorer at %50 and system at 24% and system idle at 30% - could this be the issue - I have no spyware or viruses as far as the programs tell me - my 34 gig and my 250 gig IDE have no problem being accessed by explorer

this could be an issue - I had a 17 gig scsi with the operating system on it and it died - I installed the operating system on the 36 gig and never set that drive to 0 - I didnt realize that the jumpers were in front not in the back so every time I reboot I have to hit the F1 key to bypass it looking for the master scsi drive - my other question is can i take that drive out and take off the jumper (which is set to 1) and will it ruin my booting set up??

I have a external 300 gig maxtor that if accessed becomes unusable after a couple of video drag and drops - this is really frustrating - by the way - my computer is a dell 530 workstation with 2 - 2.8 processors and 1 gig of ram

I thought that adding a paging file to those drives might help - since they didnt should I remove the paging file settings from those data drives???
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