printing problem very urgent


i have the following code to print:

private void Print() {
        Frame f = new Frame( "Printing" );
        PrintJob pj = f.getToolkit().getPrintJob( f, "Printing Results", null );
        if ( pj != null ) {
            g = pj.getGraphics();
            fnt = new Font( "Trebuchet MS", Font.PLAIN, 14 );
            g.drawString(textareaEng.getText() + "\n\n" + textareaFre.getText() + "\n\n" + textareaSol.getText(), 30, 30 );

but the problem is when its printed, i get small squares where there should be a new line!

if i was to use JDK1.5 which im currently using for writing program everything works perfect cos i use replaceAll(), but my client is running JDK1.3 and replaceAll only works for JDK1.4 and higher. (to my knowledge)

i need to be able to overcome this and print newlines where "\n" is instead of squares...

so say

textareaEng = "hello world";
textareafre = "bonjour monde";
textareaSol = "sosol lf";

using my code above would print

hello world □□ bonjour monde □□ sosol lf

but i want it to print out so it looks like :

hello world

bonjour monde

sosol lf

this is very urgent

thanks sean
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ellandrdAuthor Commented:
sorry i used the character map to show small squares but □□ showed up instead  - sorry

hope you stillunderstand by what i mean from above?!
zzynxSoftware engineerCommented:

            g.drawString(textareaEng.getText() + "\n\r\n\r" + textareaFre.getText() + "\n\r\n\r" + textareaSol.getText(), 30, 30 );


(or  "\r\n\r\n")
ellandrdAuthor Commented:
i tried \r\n and it didnt work but will try \n\r so please wait a minute till i update my code...
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ellandrdAuthor Commented:
nope it didnt work!
zzynxSoftware engineerCommented:
Eventually you can split

            g.drawString(textareaEng.getText() + "\n\n" + textareaFre.getText() + "\n\n" + textareaSol.getText(), 30, 30 );


int y = 30;
g.drawString(textareaEng.getText(), 30, y);
y+=40; // 40 or another number
g.drawString(textareaFre.getText(), 30, y);
g.drawString(textareaSol.getText(), 30, y);

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ellandrdAuthor Commented:
jeez never tried that!

havent got my java head on....

will be right back
zzynxSoftware engineerCommented:
Should work I think
ellandrdAuthor Commented:
yes it worked!

thank you for the fast reply adn working answer!

500 points and grade A

cheers sean
zzynxSoftware engineerCommented:
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