IsDBNull( ) or DBNull.Value

Which one is the better choice:

If Not IsDBNull(shipReader("Name")) Then

If Not shipReader("Name") Is DBNull.Value Then

I like the first one?  Is there a difference?

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Hi MikeMCSD,

think that this answers your question :


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DBNull.Value is for passing a null to a datasource, IsDBNull is for reading from a datasource.

I would say the answer to this depends on how you are using it.

If you are using values from a dataset and using IsDBNull to check if a value is dbnull then I would create a strongly typed dataset because then it writes all of the null checking for you on fields that allow nulls.

If you are using values from a non strongly typed dataset or datareader and you are checking to make sure that the value is not null then I would use the IsDBNull function.

If you are trying to assign null to a database parameter then you should use DBNull.Value.

However I do feel this is personal preference, maybe it should be set in your working standards documents.

I feel it's the same as saying should you use String.Empty or "" it's personal preference or part of your company's standards.  

Whichever method you use, you should stick to that method throughout your application.
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