Voice To Text, How?

Hi Guys,

I have a problem on Voice To Text programming. I am using Delphi 6 with DTalk components that I downloaded lastweek. And my problem now is I don't know how to do it in Delphi 6.

If you can suggests, some any other voice to text components out there is highly acceptable as long that it can solve my problem.

Example if I will say a "hello" word on the microphone, it must be displayed also in the TMemo or TEdit components, the word "hello".

I hope you will help me with this problem of mine.
Thanks guys
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KriegAuthor Commented:
thanks, I will try to figure out first if how can I implement it

TurboPower AsyncPro should have something for that.
Please though keep in mind that you'll need MS SpeechApi SDK to use DTalk or AsyncPro stuff.


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Ive used this before successfully


one of the the sample applications inputs text into a tmemo
KriegAuthor Commented:
Hi rbohac,

The Text To Speech is working fine, no problem. But in the ContinuousDictation.dpr, is this the one that are we going to use for Speect To Text? Because, it seemed I cannot run it here using Delphi 6. There's an error.

Runtime Error:

    Project ContinuousDictation.exe raised exception class EOleSysError with message
    'OLE error 8004503A'. Process stopped. Use Step or Run Continue.

I think, this is the only problem. I don't know how to get rid of this error.
Have you installed SAPI 5.1?
KriegAuthor Commented:
ok, I will download first the SDK 5.1
KriegAuthor Commented:
Hi rbohac,

It's working now, but why is it, I dectitated the word "hello", but it appears differently. Sometimes it displayed as "you know" instead of "hello". Is there any problem of this sample program?

Please tell me why? Or are there any tools to be added to be more more accurate.

Anyway, after you answer me with this last question of mine, surely I will give the points to you, "AAA 500". :-)

Thanks, by the way.
Unfortunately, its still an evolving technology. There are many factors that cause it to translate the words incorrectly such as accent, background noise, and the quality of sound being input into the system.

If you are looking for a certain set of keywords only (commands essentially), then you can simply set up the list so that it will only recognise those words.

Otherwise, i don't believe that continuous speech recognition is quite perfect yet.

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KriegAuthor Commented:
Anyways, you've already given me the links. :-)

Thanks rbohac.
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