Best OpenSource Portal/Portlet Development Framework

Hi All....

I know this question has been beaten to death out in various internet forums....... and is very dependent on culture, audience etc.  but......
I am hoping to filter out some of the noise by asking -- the experts -- and also get a guage of the most  recent opinion/consensus out there.

* I'd like the framework to be openSource, JSR168 compliant and also support  WSRP (WebServices for remote portlets).
* I'd like good LDAP and J2EE support -- would prefer the framework be java based and be able to run on most Application Servers out there.
* Ability to run on Websphere, JBOSS or Tomcat

1) Which OpenSource portal development "framework" is ready for "production", flexible and easy to use ?
2) What combinations have worked for you in production ?  What product -- combination of products would you recommend ?

I'm considering the following technologies.....
     A) Apache / Tomcat / Pluto / Jetspeed
     B) Apache / Tomcat / Cocoon
     C) JBOSS / Tomcat / Nuke
     D) Websphere/GridSphere
     E) Others:   eXo,  uPortal,  jPorta, Liferay, ?? Anyone try these ??

* Have I missed any you think I should evaluate ?

Really looking forward to seeing expert's thoughts on these two questions......



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What about CuteNEWS found at:

Direct download page link:

Hope this helps!
fmisaAuthor Commented:
Thanks mrwebdev....

I'll definitely have a look......

Though I would prefer a Java based framework;   a like PHP as well -- seems like a quicker language/platform to prototype on -- large usage sites also seem to have great success with PHP.

It's more of an internal "sell" thing -- and our own teams current skill sets -- which are more Java based.
Just trying to keep the learning curve down to a minimum......   LAMP installation would be a tough sell as well....

Any thoughts, experience on the frameworks I've mentioned above ??


Sohel RanaCommented:

Java open source and commercial portal list :

PHP open source and commercial portal list:

>>1) Which OpenSource portal development "framework" is ready for "production", flexible and easy to use ?

In my opinion open souce is good for personal and non profit organization but if you are thinking about commercial use, I suggest to go with commercial software. Because most of the open source software development or updating is slower than commercial software. As for example, I can mention about phpbb vs Invision power board

>>2) What combinations have worked for you in production ?  What product -- combination of products would you recommend ?

Php + mysql is the best choice


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fmisaAuthor Commented:
Thanks rsdn,

Your comments on "open vs. commercial" may be valid;  then what commercial, java based frameworks have your worked with and would recommend ?

Re: The URLs.... there are many such comparison matrix on the internet.....

I'm looking for thoughts/opinion -- based on actual experience with the tools/frameworks....... not just features comparisons.

I'm hoping to get some feedback from developers on Java based frameworks (for portal & portlet dev.) that are JSR168 and WSRP compliant.

Can anyone out there help me out ?
Again -- please see my original question...
>> eXo,  uPortal,  jPorta, Liferay, Pluto / JetspeedI/II, Cocoon etc.etc maybe JBOSS Nukes ?  PHP last resort ??
I'll consider commercial -- if I have too -- but would like to hear from anyone that has actually used the above mentioned java portal/portlet frameworks in production with good success ?

Are they all too immature at this point ?

Lagging behind the commerical offerings as you say ?

Hope to hear from someone soon......

fmisaAuthor Commented:
*** Page Editor ***
Please close this question -- nobody has answered my question.
It is nolonger an issue for me......


I've done my own research -- as far as OpenSource java based portal solutions -- I'm narrowing it down to:
1) Jetspeed II + Pluto (portlet container)
2) exoPlatform
3) Liferay

Note: I believe all the above can run on Apache/Tomcat combination -- and with some trouble -- JBOSS as well.....
Note: uPortal is interesting ? Education slant.... might give this one another look as well.

Re: CMS, project management and document management frameworks -- there really seems to be too much fragmentation of effort in the open source community.  Very confusing ??  Seems to be alot of overlap between many different projects -- even within the Apache/Jakarta group.

I've loooked at -- and like:
dotProject (php based though -- LAMP -- though LDAP and other RDBMS support may come soon ?)

Thanks All
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