Folder Tree View (Explorer-Style) in a C# windows application.

Hello All,

I am fairly new to C#, though have quite sufficient experience with Java and Windows programming (including windows API). My problem at the moment is that C# apparently lacks a FolderView control, which I am unwilling to purchase since this is a project I am doing for academic purposes. Neither am I willing to code it all myself, since I am looking for a total Explorer Like functionality of the directory browsing folder tree view.

At this point my question is: How can I do that?

1) By using a COM object of Windows? (maybe by using shell32.dll - correct me if this doesn't make sense at all) ?
2) By finding a free component implemented in .NET ?

I really don't think that every single application that provides explorer-like browsing folder tree view implements it from scratch, and neither does explorer.exe encapsulate it, so it MUST be using it from some shared dll or alike.

Therefore, how can I achieve such a functionality?

Thanks in advance, 500 points for any workable solution.
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or do you mean:
FolderBrowserDialog in System.Windows.Forms
Another link. This is advanced Explorer
This is more like windows Explorer
UstasAuthor Commented:
your links appear "visited" in my IE window.. :) I have seen all that already, and it isn't total Explorer like functionality..

AlexFM, folderview is perfect.. Precisely what I was looking for. Pity that I am a bit too late for the ExplorerTreeControl and the UtilityLibrary. If you happen to know where I can download a version of that lib before it became commercial, drop me a line.

Thanks to everyone, though all points go the the first answer.
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