Printers dissapear in Win98

Hello all

     I have a user using a windos 98 machine when she goes to print she gets a spool error then all her printer are gone when she reboots they are there again but she still cant print.
       checked for viruses/trojons. I also got the spool32.exe from another 98 machine and used it still to no avail. also i checked the temp folder in the windows directory and it i emptied it.

Thanks in advance!!!!!!
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I realize that you are well versed in PC, but bare with me. The text below is saved so that I do not have to type it many times.

Sometimes just reinstalling Win98 on top of itself corrects this problem.

Reinstalling windows on to itself.

It will not change any settings

Open win 98

Insert the CD ROM.
If the win98 screen shows up just click on the x
go to Windows Explorer
go to the cd rom drive
click on win98
click on setup
If windows asks you if you want to install it in Windows0000 say NO
Go through the complete process and reboot the machine without the cd rom.



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briankeeganAuthor Commented:
The last trick worked.

thanks both of yall
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which trick worked?
briankeeganAuthor Commented:
makeing a shortcut to the spool exe as well as placeing it in the startup folder.
briankeeganAuthor Commented:
sorry I though I accepted it no disrespect intended
Glad we could help :-)
briankeeganAuthor Commented:
This site and the people in it all one of the main resons i managed to survive a few lay offs in the IT department.

that being said thanks yall
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