Small features I should install on my windows server? Name them

I want to know of all the different features windows 2003 has that I should install on my server.
So far i have found Shadow Copies. This is a very cool feature. I'm after a list of other things I should install or consider.
Things like roaming profiles are also a cool thing.

Anyone who suggests something good will gets points

Also I've an easy question over here about disadvantages of shadow copies: I require some input on that aswell.

Between the two there are 1000 points up for grabs
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Roaming profiles a cool feature? I beg to differ. They are nothing but a pain to administrate. Personally I prefer to use folder redirection to the user's personal folder. This gives you most of the advantages of the roaming profiles without the admin overhead.

What else is there...

Install IIS and choose the internet printing option, then go to http://servername/printers to see the printers on your machine.
IIS also has a built in POP3 and SMTP mail server which will allow you run a simple mail server. It isn't Exchange, but if you just want email then it will do.

You may also want to go on to the Microsoft web site. They have feature packs for Windows 2003 server. Some of the Windows XP powertoys will also work.

Then there is Windows Media server which allows you to stream your own music...
Go and look at the sale blurb on Microsoft's web site. That will soon tell you what it is capable of.


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georgecooldudeAuthor Commented:
What were in the Windows XP powertoys?
georgecooldudeAuthor Commented:
ok i found about XP powertoys.

I'll give you the points. =)
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