Roaming Security

Hi every one,

When a client is roaming to another Access point(Wi-Fi) which it doesn't have WEP or WPA, how should Client secure the connection  and encrypt the data which is going back and fort.

I am sure there is way to make a secure connection even when Access pint is not on WEP...

Do you know any resources in this area?

Thank you,
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Hi siamak83,
Personally I always leave the access point open but have the network configured so that the access points connect directly to a firewall and you have to use a VPN client in order to connect to the company network.
This approach offers far better security.
siamak83Author Commented:
How about if I as regular client take my laptop some where which there is Wi-Fi and is Open there is NO WEP

and I want to connect to Internet Via this access point  But I also want to make sure no one between me and access point is accessing my data, some how I want to encrypt the Data how can I do that....????

 I want to do some thing which AP can learn that This is me, if you want to communicate with me, you have to use this encryption code or some thing like this......
I am not that familiar with 802.1X but there might be enhanced encryption as part of that which will improve things. The problem with WEP encryption is that it is not that secure and can be decrypted and once they discover the key it is fairly easy to decrypt on the fly.

What Internet access is secure though?
You can use HTTPS for web access, and there are secure methods for sending and retrieving email.

If you want everything to be secure you really need to establish a VPN to a central place and use the Internet connection from there.

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Your best bet is to either:

WiFi network card to use IPSec at all times - means you will only be able to communicate with others who have IPSec turned on and with the same key as yours, and is only ever going to be useful if in a secure office

WiFi card connecting at Starbucks - everything is open, don't pretend that WEP is secure:
so you can either VPN to your head office, and access your emails/web proxy there - VPN using IPSec should be ok for general use and especially if you have a web proxy will speed things up to boot.
If this is not an option, then in terms of getting Internet traffic secured, you will have to only go to sites that are secure i.e.; it depends on if you only want to access websites or if you be playing games or whatever.

This doesn't stop people getting onto your laptop however, so I suggest a program like ZoneAlarm

802.1x is authentication not encryption
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