Different notes.ini / ID files on one machine - how to pick up the correct one with Domino?

The problem is the following:
An application is installed on a Citrix server and uses the domino objects to send emails.
Different Notes profiles are installed on the Citrix box and when different NT users log in and open Notes, it picks up the correct ID file (ie if japanese users: the japanese ID file, if european users: the european id file). All the id files are installed on different paths (ie Notes\Japan\, Notes\Europe\).
When trying to send email via the application (using domino objects), the id file picked up is the default one and not the one allocated to the user.

The code used is the following, it cannot be changed and we know it is working at another client with similar installation:

    Set m_objNotesSession = New NotesSession
    m_objNotesSession.Initialize strPassword
    Set m_objNotesDbDirectory = m_objNotesSession.GetDbDirectory("")
    Set m_objNotesDatabase = m_objNotesDbDirectory.OpenMailDatabase

What could be changed to the set up so that the domino objects pick up the correct file according to the NT user who logs in (as Notes does correctly). We tried changing the PATH environment variable to force it to use another file but the application/Domino object still accesses the default one.
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Hi jspriet,

Make sure there is no INI file in the eecutable or data directories (e,g., not in C:\Program Files\Lotus\Motes and not in C:\Program Files\Lotus\Notes\data).  There should also be no INI file in the "current folder" for your executable, unless that folder contains teh INI you wish to use.

Then, make sure there is a single INI in the path.

Also, what version are you using?  If you have 6, are you using Roaming Profiles or a multi-user installation?

Best regards,
FYI, this beongs as much in the other Lotus Notes topic as in the admin one.  You might get some additional exposure there by putting in a low-point question pointing to this question.
Hi jspriet,
One option is to set a home directory on your Citrix box for each of the users that login. For example,  John Smith logs on, his home dir is c:\user profiles\jsmith in there would be his notes.ini and id file. This ensures that the correct user gets the write files and there is security at the directory level and at the id password level.

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