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I was wondering if someone could provide me with their opinion or advice on using  Their parent company is Websource, Inc.  I'm concerned about what they claim to be offering is really worth the money and also what I should look out for.  I've read on other sites that I should make sure they don't use any "cloaking" techniques or try to alter my metatags and hope that this will help increase traffic to our site.  

Is there anything else to look out for or keep in mind when dealing with this company?  If anyone can give me sound advice and / or opinion on using I would appreciate it.


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dadgumit -

As you say is owned by WebSourced Inc and so is WebSourced Inc is a wholly owned subsidiary of CGI Holding Corporation which is publicly traded.

They do have a few good people I have met at conferences like Andy Beal but I would suggest you do what everyone should do before engaging an SEO company - ask some questions like these:

1. Ask for 5+ references and current clients and do follow them all up.  

2. What type of reporting will they provide?

3. Do they offer Return On Investment (ROI) analysis? (You want a YES here!)

4. Can they assure you that the optimization strategies and methods used will be ethical and hence guarantee no penalties for your website?

5. Do they place a link on their clients sites to their site? (You want a NO here!)

6. Ask to see a sample contract. Check that it says 'what is' and 'what isn't' required on the clients part and details what they say they will do.

7. How many hours will they put into working on your site?

8. Make sure you will not be 'ransomed' if you decide not to use them any more at some stage.

9. Do they outsource any of the work?

10. What results can you expect and over what time scales?

- duz


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dadgumitAuthor Commented:
excellent advice!...also, what should I expect for the ROI analysis?  Does this includes web statistics such as

1) who is looking at my site
2) where / how did they find my site
3) what keywords / keyphrases did a customer use to land on my site
4) which "error" pages a customer may land on
5) who are the authenticated users
6) which Robots/Spiders visitors (Top 25) we received

The one thing that I might find suspect is the fact that they are very persistent in calling us every day to find out if we signed the contract or not.
dadgumit -

>Does this includes web statistics such as...

No usually because the statistics you mention are always available to you by analyzing your server log files.

>...calling us every day...

I agree it's a suspect sales tactic.

- duz

dadgumit -

Sorry I missed out something.

>what should I expect for the ROI analysis?

Here is the sort of thing you might expect and listen to the webcast 'Take 10 Webcast: Maximize the ROI of Your Search Engine Marketing'.

- duz

dadgumitAuthor Commented:
great links and advice...much appreciate duz!

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