NTFRS - Not working on DC, AD works normally


I have one server which don't replicates with the rest of the DC's.

It haven't been replicating since I reinstalled the server after a HD-crash (we had trouble with FRS earlier too), it is at a remote office with radiolink into HQ.
All files under the SYSVOL-share (including GPO's) aren't replicated to SERVER2,  but AD, logon, printing and userprofiles works OK.

------------------ Info start ------------------
Event Type:      Warning
Event Source:      NtFrs
Event Category:      None
Event ID:      13508
Date:            07.09.2004
Time:            23:55:35
User:            N/A
Computer:      SERVER1
The File Replication Service is having trouble enabling replication from  SERVER1 to SERVER2 for c:\winnt\sysvol\domain using the DNS name SERVER1.DOMAIN. FRS will keep retrying.
 Following are some of the reasons you would see this warning.
 [1] FRS can not correctly resolve the DNS name SERVER1.DOMAIN from this computer.
 [2] FRS is not running on SERVER1.DOMAIN.
 [3] The topology information in the Active Directory for this replica has not yet replicated to all the Domain Controllers.
 This event log message will appear once per connection, After the problem is fixed you will see another event log message indicating that the connection has been established.
------------------ Info end ------------------

I've run NET STOP/START NTFRS on both servers.

When I ran DCDIAG /V on SERVER2, I got this error:

------------------ Info start ------------------
Starting test: frssysvol
   * The File Replication Service Event log test
   Error: No record of File Replication System, SYSVOL started.
   The Active Directory may be prevented from starting.
   ......................... SERVER2 passed test frssysvol

------------------ Info end ------------------

Kind regards

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Some useful links here. The FRS diagnostic tool needs .net framework installed on the server that runs it but it's very useful. Ironically just been using it today, but I seem to have fixed the issue.
Event ID: 13508
File Replication Service Diagnostics Tool (FRSDiag.exe)

Let us know what you find,
Deb :))

BTW - the message you have from dcdiag normally occurs when the event log for file replication system is empty ie if you've just cleared the logs. DCDiag looks for the logs of frs starting etc as evidence that it's running etc. The tool in my link above should give you a better idea of what is wrong. If you restart the file replication service, there should be a log indicating such in the event viewer,

Deb :))

I just had this problem - make sure DNS is configured correctly - espicailly since you were having trouble with FRS before. Once you verify that DNS is correct in teh DNS mmc - verify that the tcp/ip settings on the NIC are pointing to the correct server. We had a server pointing to the ISP DNS - pointed it to itself and *BANG* Everything replicated perfectly.
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stalefAuthor Commented:
I've read most of the doc, and some other which I found interesting.

When doing a NTFRSUTL DS
 I got
SERVER2 IS NOT A MEMBER OF ANY SET! Other DC's have a long list.
I wonder if that is the problem.

Deb: I haven't cleared the logs, there are entries there stating that FRS have been stopped and started. No other errors since it was initialised. FRSDiag didn't help me much.

TMorrison3: IP and DNS-settings works as normal, never been a problem

Thanks anyway

See the section on Recovering deleted FRS subscriber objects. Have you or anyone else used adsiedit at all to delete say a failed dc at any point? "Not a member of any set" I believe relates to the replica set of the sysvol on each server. Sounds like a reference is missing in ad for some reason -

Recovering missing FRS objects and FRS attributes in Active Directory
stalefAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the suggestions. It seemed that it needed a demote and promote to clear the serverobject and start all over again.
Waited for about 30 minutes to let it replicate and synchronize all objects.

Another problem I discovered and fixed was redundant replication partners.

Anyway, it works now.

Kind Regards

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