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Netgear FVL328 cannot block out keyword

We are very relaxed on what we allow here in the office...

however, I have the need to BLOCK straming video's   I have a user that keeps streaming music videos all day long.

I have added the key words music, video, musicvideo,  launch,  launch.yahoo.com,  but the stuiped yahoo still still comes up when you try for it.

How do I block those words in my NetGear FVL328?

1 Solution
Maybe you could block these sites by IP address instead, that is deny traffic from the video servers.
Just a thought, I'm not familiar with your hardware.
mrchaos101Author Commented:
would you know how I could block an IP in a netgear router?
It looks like your answer lies in the PDF (Adobe Reader) reference manual, which can be viewed or downloaded at the following URL:

ftp://downloads.netgear.com/files/fvl328_ref_manual.pdf  (5.76MB)

The info you need appears to be on page 5-5 & 5-6 of the manual.  Those are also pages 55 & 56 in relation to the 234 page PDF file.

To save download time, it seems that the same information from those two pages specifically is available here:



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