Cisco VPN routing???

Network A (192.168.x.x) is connected to Network B (10.2.x.x) via a VPN between a CVPN3005 and a CVPN3015

Network C (172.16.2.x) is connected to Network B via a router

Host in A cannot get to Host in C; Host in C cannot get to A

Host in A can connect with B; B can connect with A
Host in B can connect with C; C can connect with B

A tracert from A to C dies at the CVPN in A.

I suspect we need to add somewhere to a rule to "pass 172.16.2.x through VPN" but I have no idea where...

I am configuring both CVPNs via web interface...

Need ASAP!!!
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Do you have in the remote networks list in the NetA's 3005?
Do you have a route entry on Network C's router that sends 192.168.x.x to B's 3015?
Do you have both 10.2.x.x and 172.16.2.x in B's 3015 defined in the local networks for the lan-lan VPN?
kminfotechAuthor Commented:
(1)  Where do I look?

(2) Yes

(3)  Unknown
1)  Configuration | System | Tunneling Protocolc |IPSec | LAN-to-LAN | Add or Modify
   Remote Network
  Make Sure that the is there.

3) Same as above, except in Local Network

Is there a router on Network A that needs to have a route to the 172.16.2.x subnet pointing to the 3005?

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kminfotechAuthor Commented:
Irmoore, we hired a consultant to come on site and resolve.  I appreciate your eagerness to assist and award you full points for your polite help.
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