Error message ORA-12705

Dear All,

My company run a HACMP in IBM AIX 5L. When I tried the HACMP function (it means second server tooks over the database from primary server), the database shows the followsing error message:

12705 ORA-12705 invalid or unknown NLS parameter value specified.

Would you please tell me how can I do for this.

Thank you very much!

Best Regards,
Jaff Chen
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Helena Markováprogrammer-analystCommented:
This is a description of error (, I hope it will help you:

ORA-12705 invalid or unknown NLS parameter value specified

    Cause: There are two possible causes: Either an attempt was made to issue an ALTER SESSION statement with an invalid NLS parameter or value; or the NLS_LANG environment variable contains an invalid language, territory, or character set.

    Action: Check the syntax of the ALTER SESSION command and the NLS parameter, correct the syntax and retry the statement, or specify correct values in the NLS_LANG environment variable. For more information about the syntax of the ALTER SESSION command, see Oracle8i SQL Reference.

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Check seting for NLS_LANG env. variable for oracle account on both servers. If NLS_LANG is the same, then try running locale command on both servers and looking in /usr/lib/nls/README for more information.
When you start instance on the other node it uses env for oracle user on that node.
also check values for ORA_NLSxx env.var. (UNIX)
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