CFSchedules unauthorized access

I've got a couple of tasks scheduled on our server to access a particular directory. I've password protected this directory on the windows side. When I access the directory through my browser, it prompts me to enter my password info. I type it in and everything works good. When I unleash a CFSchedule on the template using the same information, the published file is returned with 402.1 error, unauthorized access. The cf templates aren't being excuted.

Has anyone encountered this problem before?
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do you guys have a proxy server?  and if so, have you specified the proxy settings within it?  
that's just a long shot.. but tis something
Long shot number two:
Is the ColdFusion service running under a user that hasn't got access to that directory? Shouldn't really matter, since you provide the scheduled task with a username/password. But then again, you never know...
Yes, have you put the username and password in the schedule itself?
You might want to include the domain as well domain\username

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black0psAuthor Commented:
You think the adding domain\username to the schedule would have an affect? I might give that try. I believe CF is running under a different username, but I have supplied the username and password in cfschedule. (No proxy server btw)

-- Ian
black0psAuthor Commented:
Never could figure this one out. So we just removed the password protect on that directory. Thanks for your help.
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