duplicate name exists on the network

I have an old windows 95 machine on our win2k network that is primarily as a print controller. Recently, the computer cannot be accessed anymore saying that computer \\*** cannot be managed and there is a duplicate name exists on the network. There isn't another computer with that name on the network, so I don't know what it sees. We have a plotter that is shared and it doesn't even list it anymore when I just select the computer that is listed in network neighborhood. I need to print off of this plotter again, but what I can't figure out is why I can't work with this even though the computer shows up in users and computers and is the only one with this name. Any ideas anybody and thanks in advance.
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Check your network and dialup settings to make sure that you don't have two actice connections.

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Duplicate name refers to user names and workgroup names too. You can't have a computer with the same name as a user. The duplicate names refers usualy to netbios name.
DwayneWAuthor Commented:
You got it! I deleted the dialup setting, since we are on a lan, and back right where we were. This machine never gets restarted, until the other day. I think that it must default back to it because I haven't ever had that to happen.
I didn't have the computer with the same name as a user, although that is good information.
Thank you .
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