Q about dns forwarders/win2k server

Win2k server domain running in mixed mode

on our network we have 3 domain controllers one of which, lets call it SERVER_B, connects to  another network that leads to the internet and our providers DNS servers.  

We keep having problems where dns packets seem to end up going in circles and using up all server's processing power.  I've been wondering if we had the forwarders set wrong.  

1. should dns servers be set to forward to other internal dns servers?
2. should we tick the disable recursive queries box
3. Only SERVER_B needs its forwarders set to the isp dns server yes?
4. what order should forwarders be in on SERVER_B?

We also have a MS proxy 2 running on an NT server that also connects to the other network (although this is a bit buggered and isnt on the network properly but works with people connecting as anonymous). We've ordered ISA server.
5. in an ideal situation would i be right in thinking that ISA Server should be on SERVER_B?

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1.  No.  The purpose of forwarders is to resolve names you can't.  Internal DNS servers should have the same records.
2.  No.  Without recursive queries your DNS server has to have the answer to any question it is asked, or the name will not resolve.  You can't disable recursion and have forwarders enabled at the same time anyway.
3.  I'd set all 3 to forward to the ISP, just don't forward to each other.
4.  It shouldn't matter, again as long as all of the forwarders listed are external DNS servers.
5.  Actually I'd keep ISA on its own machine if possible.
browolfAuthor Commented:
the dc which can contact the upstream dns has to be multihomed.  
can the other 2 dns forward if they can't reach the updtream dns's?

the default gateway is the nt box. should the 2 dns servers use the 3rd one as their default gateway instead?

The DNS server will have to be able to contact the upstream DNS for forwarding to work.  I can't answer the question about the default gateway because I don't have enough information about your network.   Come to think of it, it may work if you set the 2 dns servers to forward to the multihomed box, and set the multihomed box to forward outside.
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browolfAuthor Commented:
i was wondering about that.  
so the important thing is to make sure the multihomed server is ONLY forwarding upstream.
Exactly.  If you were to set up server B to forward to server A, and server A to forward to server B you would get stuck in a DNS lookup loop.

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browolfAuthor Commented:
i think that must have been what happened. thanks  for your help
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