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well i hv a question i hv just reformatted my pc and put adequate virus protection, adware/ malware protection  but these r not enough now when a scan my pc with a free escan kasparsky tool which does only a scan of my pc i find so many viruses  adware  cool web search  components that my virus scanner and adware scanner failed 2 detect these viruses hv made way into my pc in a compressed for namely they hv entered my pc through diff mediums i hv downloaded from the net eg: screen savers, games , software, even via adware scanners so my question is how can we beat such a programme that hides in other programmes and when installed it run silently without detection and another quetion is y r website posting such sofware,screen savers,games when they know that it has such components in them can we sue the website for posting such programmes on there websites  well these websites i m sure r aware of the pros and cons of the programmes  that r posted on there website so getting back 2 the problem in hand about protection pls do send some very good suggestions


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cwkhangConnect With a Mentor Commented:
if i wan to install a software, i first check out with download.com first, bcos they wil giv note like
Editor's note: This download includes adware. Adware may record your surfing habits, deliver advertising, collect private information, or modify your system settings.

so when installing, Pay close attention to the end user license agreement and installation options. ie, checkbox

example: http://www.download.com/FlashGet/3000-2071_4-10280660.html?tag=lst-0-1
so i know that this popular download manager includes adware.

u oso can check from http://spychecker.com/
for example: key in spybuddy then you wil b redirect to

and when you use any anti-spyware, pls check the product from here 1st

It is very hard to "beat" these programs.  I personally run Ad-Aware, SpyBot Search and Destroy, and SpywareBlaster to protect myself against Spyware/Adware (these all have free versions).  I also use Trend Internet Security 2004 for viruses, but if you want a free alternative I would recomment Alwil's Avast! Antivirus.  Also, don't use Internet Explorer, it still supports ActiveX which is 99% of how you will get Spyware/Adware and viruses.  I would recommend Mozilla Firefox, it is a very good browser and easy to use, plus it's free.  I hope this helps you out.  Have a great day!
Sorry...I didn't include any links...they will follow...

Ad-Aware --> http://www.lavasoft.nu
SpyBot S&D --> www.security.kolla.de
SpywareBlaster --> http://www.spywareblaster.com

Trend Internet Security --> http://www.trendmicro.com
Alwil Avast! --> http://www.avast.com
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***SpywareBlaster's website is: http://www.javacoolsoftware.com/spywareblaster.html

EE's specific thread on spyware, adware, etc.:

The adware/spyware problem seems to be getting worse lately.  I have been having problems with my own computer at home.  For years I have been using Ad-Aware, Spybot S&D, and McAfee scanners, and they were doing a good job.  I recently added an AOL scanner but now they are missing a lot of things even when they are fully updated.  Something even attacked Ad-Aware on my computer and managed to disable it.  I have had to start using the Hijack This scanner to find problems, but it lists everything both good and bad, so the user has to sort it out for themself.  Now there is a web site that will do an automatic analysis the the HJT log file.  It helps a lot, but the user still needs to know what they are doing.  Here is a link:


as well as all the good stuff already said above, arstechnica have got a usefull feature on spyware/malware -  

Get the following great and free products from download.com
Adaware,bazooka,cwshredderand spybot search and destroy.
Try not to install software that popĀ“s up saying you have spyware\adaware click here to download this adware\spyware remover,they usually are spyware themeselves.
Get AVG antivirus which is for free and a great program
02228540675Author Commented:
thx for tips about download.com it is really helpful

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