Send Embedded message in Outlook

Here is the scenerio.....

Admin staff draft e-mails for their bosses.  The will type the entire email and fill in the TO, CC, and BCC boxes, then send it to their bosses (as an attachment) --- then there bosses review it (by double-clicking to open the attachment)

Here is the problem --- when they review it the send button is greyed out.  They either have to drag it to the desktop to send or copy/paste into a new e-mail.

I've heard theories and different people seem to swear this "worked before" --- seems reasonable enough....I've tried changing permissions, RTF, HTML --- doesn't seem to matter...

Is this doable?????

Thanks experts!
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The problem is that they are trying to save this to the Drafts folder and insert it into another email from there.  Even thought it's an attachment, it's going to think it's a regular message that has been sent and received.

So what you can do is, have the admin staff compose the emails, then go to File, Save As, chose Outlook Template (*.oft) for the file type, and save it to a location on their hard drive (like the desktop).  Then, send that .oft file as an attachment to the bosses.  Then the bosses will be able to open the attachment and just click send.

Hope this helps.


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alikat538Author Commented:
Thanks, I got a lead that said it had something to do with the way it was saved...I'll test this when I get to work on Monday and let you know the results and awards points if it works.  I have a good feeling about this one --- thanks again.
alikat538Author Commented:
Thanks!  Worked like a charm.

Also, if the sender doesn't send it that way, then the receiver can turn off word as the e-mail editor and hit Actions - forward
Or, drag to the desktop and double-click and send that way.

Just a little extra information!

Cool!  Glad you got it working!  Take care.

alikat538Author Commented:
Weird thing is in OL2000 it worked from the drafts folder :-P
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