Remote Desktop-Terminal Services Equivalent for LINUX?!?

Im looking for a Remote Desktop Equivalent for Linux.
I know about VNC but it doesn't allow sharing printers etc...

Is there a clone of Terminal Services/Remote Desktop for Linux other than VNC?
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> VNC but it doesn't allow sharing printers
What do you mean about sharing printers? Share printer with you local machine?
If the printer daemon is setting right and running, anybody login through VNC can print without problem.

By the way, there is an alternative for remote desktop for Linux to control Windows - rdesktop.


rdesktop allows you to connect to terminal services servers, grdesktop is a gnome interface which allows you to set most options the ms rdp client does

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You can run an x server and have the client comp connect to it seemlessly

I think KDE has some sort of tool like rdc as well
Yes KDE has a Desktop Sharing which you can connect with VNC viewer on. It is in the Start Menu/System
there 's also nomachin NX

but i'm not sure all components are free
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