How to show result of recordset plus the next record somewhere else on page


I was wondering how to go about showing a record within a recordset and somewhere else on the page shows the next record in line.  Is this possible?  I would also like it to update when someone clicks next which in turn updates the next record data.

I know how to do ordinary recordsets but can't think how to show the next record somewhere else.

Any suggestions how to do this would be a great help


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Hi Daniel,

You didn't mention which server-technology you are using, so I'll assume PHP as it's the only one I've worked in myself. First-off, DW's options for recordset display are limited. Whether they solve your specific problem or not, it's worth having a look at (look for the Dreamweaver Exchange) and both of which have a lot of free extensions to improve scripting support in all languages.

Having said that, here's a simple method of converting a multi-row recordset into a numeric array of arrays that can be re-used (unlike a DW Repeat Region behaviour).

$list = array();
do { $list[] = $row_yourRecordSet; }
while ($row_yourRecordSet = mysql_fetch_assoc($yourRecordSet));

Then you can access row 1, column 'foo' as


Hope that's some use. I guess the principle extends to other languages...

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gingerwingerAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your reply...

I am using ASP but I'll take a look at what you have suggested and get back.

Thank you for your time

Create your recordset then, in the html code between your first record and second record add the following

<% yourRecordsetName.moveNext %> ' this will now move the recordset to the next record

If you can give me some more info on the function of updating I can help you there too but the moment that should at least fix the display issue
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