Returning the path to "My Documents" directory on Windows Platform

In Java is it possible to get the location (path) of the "My Documents" directory in Java. This directory has the ability of being located somewhere other than it's default on C:\. For instance it can be set to be located on a corporate IT drive for auto backup purposes. So whatever function I use needs to report back the absolute path to the "My Documents" actual location. A code snippet is not necessary if you can point me to the documentation to accomplish this. Thanks.
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try this:

String userHome = System.getProperty(:user.home");

//or user.dir please try both
sorry offcourse:
String userHome = System.getProperty("user.home");

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I know this works in NT-based systems for the default location, so hopefully this will give you an idea. There is a "java.home" environment variable (retrievable from System.getProperty( "java.home" )) that will point to the user's base directory. That would be c:\documents and settings\<username> in NT-based systems.

I think your best option in this case would be to pass the path to the "My Documents" directory in on the commandline:

java -Duser.document.dir="drive:\path\My Documents" my.package.MyClass

Then, you would be able retrieve it using System.getProperty( "user.document.dir" ).

I know this isn't the sure-fire answer you wanted, but I hope it will at least give you an idea.

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Yeah. Everyone else is right. "user.home" not "java.home".
tk1016Author Commented:
Hi all,

thanks for answering...none of the above actually return the path to where "My Documents" is located if the system option to move that directory is exercised. The system can find it, but java still cannot. Another team member ended up doing some JNI so we could call the Windows Function directly.

Thanks...I have other questions though.
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