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We have a Netware 4.11 server running IPX and IP. I can ping the ip address of the netware server, but when I attempt to login to it I get the message tree cannot be found. It appears to us the problem is that while IP works across our vlans, IPX is not.
Our configuration is server running IPX and IP plugged into vlan 0. A workstation logged into to vlan 0 had no problem, but logged into vlan 1 can ping the server but cannot log in.
Does anyone have any ideas to assist us
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Vlan dose support IPX fine, what's more likely happenning is the you are not routing the IPX between the Vlans.
IPX broadcasts across Cisco VLANs (you don't give any details on what type of routing hardware you have) require Spanning Tree.
Check your documentation for complete tips on enbabling this option.


Why would Spanning Tree have any thing to do with it ? ( a protocol for switch fail over)
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The VLANs may or may not support IPX fine.  What kind of Switch is it?  Old Accelar layer 3 switching will mangle IPX.  Had to create a single IPX VLAN for campus IPX routing.
If you're really running NetWare v4.11 (and not a modern version), then it can't talk NCP (NetWare Core Protocol, the protocol that Client 32 uses to communicate between the workstation and the server) over TCP/IP....only IPX. Be sure to NOT bind IP and IPX to the Client 32 on the workstation - only IPX should be bound to Client 32.

Note that NetWare v4.11 is rather old and has been EOLed for YEARS. The current version of NetWare is v6.5.
thanks for catching my error

Sorry, I mis-spoke (apparently I CAN'T multitask)..
Spanning Tree can kill cross-VLAN SAPs and GNS calls dead, especially with IPX and VLANs.

My post should have read:

IPX broadcasts across Cisco VLANs can be blocked by Spanning Tree enabled with the PortFast option.
Check your documentation for complete tips on disabling this option.

In most of my dealings with VLANs and IPX SAP on Cisco (prevalent manufacturer) equipment, Spanning Tree loops inevitably end up being the culprit.

Have you set IP as your preferred protocol on your client. Change it to read IPX. You can do it by going to the Netware Client properties.

Good Luck

ctunksAuthor Commented:
I saw that I did have spanning tree enabled and I took that out. No change. I set the preferred protocol to IPX. No change. It is an HP Procurve 5308. How would IPX be routed through the vlans?

A vlan work just like Real Lan

If say 2 lans (net work segments) how would you move data between ?

You need to use a Router

lan 1   ---    router    --- lan2

for Valn

vlan 1 ---  router  --- vlan 2


What client are you using?  Do you have both IP and IPX bound to the client?  See PsiCop's comment regarding IP vs IPX in an obsolete NetWare environment...

The ability to do an IP PING has nothing to do with the ability to login to a NetWare 4.x or earlier system.  

802.1Q-based VLAN interconnections are bridged, not routed, since 802.1Q VLANs are MAC address based, and as such should be protocol-agnostic - so if you can do IP PING you should be able to connect via IPX (unless you have the Spanning-Tree with PortFast situation Mojo mentioned.)

Have you tried an IPX PING?  How is your IPX protocol configured on the PC?  Don't let it autodetect frame type and network number - you should specify the frame type and network number IPX uses on the server.  Don't change the internal IPX network number on the PC - leave it all zeros.

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Also, since IPX is broadcast-based, you MUST make sure you have your VLAN bridges set up, and if the switch has the ability to limit broadcasts other than via the VLAN structure, you can't block broadcasts.
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