Question Title: FTP of large files to an IIS 5.0 Server connection times out fails half way through

Hey all,

I have an FTP site that is on a Windows 2000 Server using IIS for the FTP.  Downloads are no problem on any size for one folder.  

On another folder I have set full access so clients can FTP their large files without using an FTP client all done via a browser.  FTPing / Uploading 20 Mb files works well.  

It seems that anything larger than that times out and the transfer fails.  There must be a way to FTP large files with failing right?  The server is behind a firewall with port range 20-22 open and pointing to the FTP server.  Any thought or ideas on the timeout while uploading via a web browser?

Thanks in advance
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Hello servicad,

have you checked your "connection timeout" settings on your FTP site ? What happens if you increase these ?

Also, when you change the timeout setting, dont forget to stop and restart the FTP service
servicadAuthor Commented:
I have increased this.  It is now set to 50,000 seconds. FTP Service and IIS restarted. But same symptoms.  The funny thing is this.  I can upoad a 20Mb file no problem.  When I try to upload anything larger it starts to upload and eventually times out usually after 10 minutes or so.  At this point I do get this error.

FTP Folder Error

An error occurred copying a file to the FTP Server.  Make Sure you have permission to put files on the server.

The connection with the server was reset

The FTP folder has full rights.


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Hello Servicad,

Just as a curosity, what browser, and what version are you using to Upload files ?

Also, in FTP site properties, it is write enabled with right security right ? What happens when you try to upload using a command line or a FTP client now ?

servicadAuthor Commented:
Write enabled is enabled.  I try an FTP client and it gets much further I guess due to the fact that it autoconnects but the file still never makes it whether it is via IE 6 or an FTP client.  Lookiing at the FTP client log it failed because of too many retries and it dropped about 7 times automatically reconnected and continued the upload but eventually failed.  There must be some hidden timeout somewhere.  Or could it be a router issue I am thinking
Hello Servicead,

Not sure where you are at with this problem, I tried researching the net too, but could not really come up with anything solid. If you are still not getting anywhere with this problem, I would suggest you turn to a "non IIS" solution for providing FTP services for your site. There are a lot of very good solutions available, from free to a rangle of US$ 50. I myself use one called ServU. Following is a list of some:

War FTP Daemon (totally free)

ServU (Has 30 day free trial, I recommend this, its the best! althoug its $49, but could be worth it)

There are many other free and paid ones available, but I have had experience with the above and they are very good. You can look for other ones. The ones I mentioned integrate seemlessly with Windows, and are very easy to setup and are secure!

Thanks and Good Luck!

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servicadAuthor Commented:
figured it it.  Turned off Stateful Packet inspection in the router and all worked great.  It was not software realted at all.  
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