Dvd software halts.

I bought a dvd burner a little while back and when I first installed it everything worked fine.  However since then the speed and consistency of success has degraded.  I reformatted the hard drive shortly after I first installed the DVD burner due to an unrelated problem but since then it has been giving me probelms.  I have done defrag and cleared my temp files and also run a full scandisk.  All of this taking around 20 hours because I have a 140gig hard drive and I store a lot of information for my whole family.  When I said reformatted, I made a mistake though, it wasn't technically a reformate.  I just deleted the entire OS and all other data except for what I wanted to keep and started from there.  Could that have caused some of my problems with the dvd's not finishing being copied.  The computer doesn't lock up, the dvd just stops burning, no lights or movement and it isn't consistent on where it freezes either.  Seems like defrag and full scandisk help though, although I really dont want to spend 6 hours defragmenting and scanning to burn 1 dvd.  I read about a problem with power, so if this is my problem is it possible to increase the output on my power supply?  I use 2 programs to backup my dvd's DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter both latest versions and latest drivers for my dvd burner also.  It's not my disk cause I have used this type many times before with no problems.  I'd really appreciate anyones help here.  I'm gonna waste a lot of disks unless I can fix this...
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> I just deleted the entire OS
How did you do to restore your OS? Clean installation or overwite the exist one?

Power supply is the issue since burner consume a lot of power. Replace a more powerful power supply (450W).

The first time of defrag takes longer. If you do defrag frequency (weekly), then it won't take 20 hours (1+ hours maybe).

By the way, disable the antivirus real-time scan before you burn the DVD.

mattmikasaAuthor Commented:
I don't run any realtime antivirus programs on my computer.  And by deleting the OS I mean I placed all the files I needed to keep in a folder on my hard drive and cleared everything except that folder, then reinstalled windows and all drivers after that.  So the only thing I can do is replace the powersupply?  If I do replace this, can anything negative happen to my computer?  Could a inadequade power supply also cause other problems with my computer?
> cleared everything except that folder
There are a lot of system files and hidden files you didn't (or cannot) delete by "delete" in Windows explorer (or command prompt). Unless you reformat the disk. So you may have some system files/libraries are older or newer.

  My suggestion is buy another hard disk (40GB or above) and install the OS and software on it, and put your family stuff
on 140GB disk.

  By the way, Windows XP (your OS ?) defragment doesn't do a good job.
The simple way is copying all the files (within a folder) to another drive (similar compacity). It's much faster and
better defraged.

  Inadequade power supply may cause system unstable or crash. Burner needs more power and the burning software is
just using the burner.


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