Best way to fix a Windows Host file with combined entries?

One of the guys had created a Bat file that was to append a new IP and Name (which was in a file called "new_ip.txt" to the end of the Hosts file on either 95 or W2k/XP with the following script...
echo off
if exist %windir%\hosts.sam goto win95
if exist %windir%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts goto win2kxp

copy %windir%\hosts.sam+c:\new_ip.txt %windir%\hosts.sam
goto exit

copy %windir%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts+c:\new_ip.txt %windir%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts
goto exit

REM Please close this window
This apparently worked when he tested it before deployment; but now I'm getting calls about people not being able to get to servers and have diagnosed the problem back to their Host files and the fact that his script works for all unedited Host files that had a carriage return at the end by default, but those that had been edited and saved with new entries, did not.  Thus it caused the two strings to be joined together on one line, so...
"IP1.IP1.IP1.IP1      Name1" in an edited host file became
"IP1.IP1.IP1.IP1      Name1IP2.IP2.IP2.IP2            Name2"
and now I'm left to try and clean this up.

My question would be, how could this script be changed or a new one developed to 1) go back and fix this error and 2) make sure any new ones get done properly?

IP2 and Name 2 are known values, but IP1 and Name1 could be anything and would need to be left with the new entry beneath it.  Thanks.
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Why not use a dns server  ?
AZEMBBAuthor Commented:
DNS would have been nice, but the desktops are spread out worldwide on various networks and domains which are not able to be administered.

Try this link, it deals with exactly what you want.  It has a download with pre scripted files in, and instructions on how to configure.

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