DNS setup in Plesk 7

I have to move some websites from one server to another. I used to work in an ensim-environment where I had a super admin one level higher. Now I'll have to use Plesk 7 Reloaded and I'm the super admin myself. The first serious thing to do is to setup the nameservers. These are already registered to internic, so I have my ns1.mydomain.com and ns2.mydomain.com. They point to the first 2 ip adresses in my range of 8.

Now I would need some help, in fact a step by step guidance through the rest of the process, since the Plesk manual isn't very clear about this. What do I have to do to make the whole thing working?

A few questions:
Are these 2 first ip's to be set to exclusive or shared?
What do I have to change in the DNS template zone and how am I to do it? Please specify every step for every kind of record (A, MX, CNAME and NS).
Do I have to list 'mydomain' in the domain list? Is it to be set as default domain?

As a matter of fact I don't understand this stuff very well. So, please, make things a bit clearer for me and have some patience. Once this is set up the right way I don't have to bother again. I'll grant a lot of points to this question, because I expect a bit more than just a few lines. Tnx for helping me out.
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   Download and install Webadmin, and you will have a very nice interface for BIND, the DNS server

   For more technical info about BIND, you can check the following URL:


plesk7reloaded already have it's own admin tools for setting up the DNS, and the admin tools look like very powerful have a check on this


I havn't try on it, but I think all the things you have to do is play around the admin tools in Plesk7 will do, it has a nice GUI for administrator to manage.
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Zorro032798Author Commented:
Okay, thanks for the contributions, but it is not really what I expected. Remember that I have Plesk installed, I will not go through the hassle of installing another package like Webmin or anything else. Plesk willhave to do the job. And it can do it, it is just that I don't know how :-(
I checked the documentation of Plesk more than once now and I can't find a clear step-by-step procedure for installing nameservers. I understand quite a lot of what they are saying, but I feel I'm missing something. And yes, Plesk has a nice interface and I played aroud with it a lot already.

What I need is someone who has experience in this matter that can point out step by step what I have to do. If you can give me a link to such a procedure that will do also. Untill now I haven't found it.
Zorro032798Author Commented:
Sorry to tell, but I found it myself. You can check this url: http://www.jaredweb.com/tutorials/dns/index.html 
This is exactly what I was looking for. Now everything is up and running.
Thanks for your effort. I'll ask for a refund.
Happy yo hear you found the solution.

Yeah no objection at all :)
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