Connection Pooling

This may be a question more suited for an ADO.NET category but someone out there has got to know.

We have an application which currently uses MTS and COM+ to facilitate connection pooling amoung our client applications.  We want to move away from COM and more towards .NET development and we are looking at re-writing the back end (Data Access End) as a .NET Web Service (or a collection of webservices).

If we use one web service and place all our web methods in the service we should be taking advantage of ADO.NET connection pooling.  Right?  How about if we have multiple services?  Whatt about multiple services wrapped inside the same project so that they are in the same assembly?

I guess it would realy depend on where the pooling was taking place, at the SQL server level, or at the application level.  For example, if I have ApplicationA that access a database with the same user name and password as ApplicationB, are the connections pooled even though they are comming from different applications?

Thanks for any insight into connection pooling and web services,
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Hi Eric,

Connection pooling in ADO.Net is made to allow you to, even if you want, develop, say one method by web service, and still use the power of connection pooling.

Pooling is available at the application Level, not just at the class or requesdt level.

If you have two web services in a single application, they will automatically share the same pool if they use the same connection string.

Just think about closing your SqlConnection objects just after using them.

Check : for more info.


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RealMrTeaAuthor Commented:
Whoops...Sorry for the delay.  This project kind of got put on the back burrner and I wanted to see if any one else had any ideas.

My thanks and appologies kiwi,
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