Readin in a text file.

I am beginning a simple program that needs to read in a text file as its input.  But the file will not open correctly.   Is there any glaring mistake in my code?... I always get the "error message."

#include <cstdlib>
#include <fstream>
#include <iostream>
#include <string>

using namespace std;

int main(){

      ifstream inFile;
      string word;
      string filename = "/textdocument.txt";;
            cout << "could not open" << endl;                                         //<---- error message.

            cout << word << endl;

      return 0;


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The file name looks incorrect.

Try the following:
string filename = "textdocument.txt";
I recommend you first test it out with a full path name, and then try a relative path.

If you're programming in Windows/Dos/OS2, then a full path would look something like the following:
string filename = "c:\\windows\\system32\\textdocument.txt";

Notice that there is two \\ characters to represent every single backslash character.

In UNIX/Linux the full path would look something like this:
string filename = "/home/username/textdocument.txt";

Notice the use of forward slash instead of backslash.

If you need a relative path, then it will look like this:

string filename = "../somedir/textdocument.txt";  //For UNIX/Linux

string filename = "..\\somedir\\textdocument.txt";  //For Windows/DOS


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travishabermanAuthor Commented:
Hmm... that could be my mistake.. if you are right then my path should look like this right?

      string filename = "C:\\Documents and Settings\\Travis Haberman\\Desktop\Project 4\\hashing\\textdocument.txt";

I try that and it does not work though.  Any more thoughts?  Does it matter what my text document has as a first character?

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>>string filename = "C:\\Documents and Settings\\Travis Haberman\\Desktop\Project 4\\hashing\\textdocument.txt";

You're string still has a single backslash right before Project 4
Try the following:
string filename = "C:\\Documents and Settings\\Travis Haberman\\Desktop\\Project 4\\hashing\\textdocument.txt";

Also, make sure the following is a valid path:
C:\Documents and Settings\Travis Haberman\Desktop\Project 4\hashing
If your program is launched in the hashing subdirectory, then you can just use teh file name by itself.
string filename = "textdocument.txt";

Use above method if target file is in current working directory.
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