WordPerfect Office 2002 Files open extremely slow on network.

I have 4 Workstations running Windows XP Pro hooked to a Windows 2000 Fileserver. All stations have WordPerfect Office 2002 loaded locally and access all of their WordPerfect Files from the Fileserver. The problem is when they go to access a file it takes forever for it to come up. It may come up or eventually or it may lock WordPerfect up all together.
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Have you tried mapping a drive letter to the location on the server where you are picking the files up from, rather than using \\server\pathnames?

Another possibility is that the Virus checker you have on the local pc is taking a long time to process the overall loading of the files from the server (which may involve local temporary files too).  Try temporarily turning off the virus checker, loading a document, then turning the virus checker back on again.  If this is the case, you may be able to exclude these directories from the virus checker's responsibilities.

I presume your files are not large in any way?  For example, if you included a graphic in every letterhead on every document, this will, of course, cause some delay in loading, but not excessively so, unless the graphic is large.

Three things there, if this doesn't help then let us know.

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