Backup Exec won't restore Exchange mailbox! Access denied!

I have a Windows 2003/Exchange 2003 running backup exec 9.1.

Last week I deleted user name LLteam from Active Directory. Now we need to get their e-mails back!! I have the Exchange plug-in for backup exec, and it succesfully backs up every mailbox each night.

When I go to restore LLteam, I get:

Error category: Security Errors
Error             : a0008488 - Access is denied.

As it's restoring I can watch the percentage rise up to 99%, but the byte count stays at 0 and it fails. In the log, it just goes through each folder in the mailbox and says "skipped" with the eventual error of the above paste. I have looked high and low and have seen/tried the other posts on Experts Exchange, and cannot seem to get this to work. If it's successfully backing up and obviously has the credentials to do so, why can't it restore?

I even tried to recreate the name inside Active Directory and then restore, but no luck. I tried the Exchange option inside Backup Exec to "create user name if it doesn't exist." Still doesn't work.

On another post, they say to go into the accounts and set up rights for the administrator to backup Exchange mailboxes (with accepted answer link, but it already does backup, it just wont restore. It says to go to Network>Accounts and ... "#3. Type the name of the mailbox that belongs to the Backup Exec Service Account as the user name and leave the password field blank." ... I have to ask which user name that is?

When I go to Network>Account I currently have two items listed. Under description the first one is DOMAIN\Administrator Default Account with a user name (next collumn to the right) of DOMAIN\Administrator and the 2nd item's description is System Logon Account with user name of DOMAIN\Administrator. Is that all I need?

I notice that I do not have a Bkupexec user name inside Active Directory (it may have been deleted?) as i do have on another company's server. Is that it?

What am I doing wrong? If you need any more info please ask! Any help is appreciated!
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Duncan MeyersCommented:
Is the Backup Exec user an memeber of the ExchageAdmin group?

>I notice that I do not have a Bkupexec user name inside Active Directory (it may have been deleted?) as i do have on another company's server. Is that it?
Probably not. It may be that when Backup EXec was installed, the person that installed the software selected Administratopr as the Backup Exec account. You can check which account is in use by going to Services and checking teh logon account of the Backup Exec services.

As you note, it is wisest to use an account that is specifiacally for Backup Exec.
Darrell PorterEnterprise Business Process ArchitectCommented:
Possibly a silly question, but how do you know you are really backing up the mailboxes?
mike2747Author Commented:
In services, the logon account is DOMAIN\Administrator Default Account.

I know they are being backed up because in the restore selections I can see them, and even drill down into them and see mailbox folders they have customized. Then when i select LLteam, I insert the media, and it seeks to the right position and begins restoring from there, which obviously fails.
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I think you have to dismount the store with Exchange's Enterprise manager during your restore session.
mike2747Author Commented:
Think? I can do that if necessary, but I guess i'd like to know if i have to do that for sure? Thanks!
Duncan MeyersCommented:
>I  think you have to dismount the store with Exchange's Enterprise manager during your restore session.

D'oh! Good call rindi.

Yes! You MUST dismount the store before attempting the restore if you are restoring the full mail store.
mike2747Author Commented:
I am not restoring the FULL mail store, just one mailbox. Still dismount? And by dismounting, do you mean just stopping the services, or actually "Dismounting" it? Hope that doesn't sound too stupid. lol. Thanks for the help! I go back there in a few days and I will know then if it works.
Duncan MeyersCommented:
No - no need to dismount the store if you're just restoring a single mailbox from a brick-level backup. That is only required if you're restoring the full mail store.

This is a shameless lift :-) from the Veritas BE manual:

"To restore Exchange mailboxes and public folders:
1. On the navigation bar, click Restore.
2. On the Properties pane, under Source, click Selections.
3. In the restore selections list, navigate to and select the data you want to restore.
4. On the Properties pane, under Settings, click Exchange.
On the Restore Job Properties dialog box, if the user accounts and their mailboxes that
are being restored do not already exist on the target server, and they are being
restored to their original location, select Automatically recreate user accounts and
If this option is not selected, the restore job will fail if a mailbox that is being restored
does not exist on the target server.
When this checkbox is selected, the password entered on the Exchange Options - Set
Application Defaults dialog box is used as the password for accounts that are
To change the password, on the Tools menu click Options, and then in the Properties
pane under Job Defaults, click Exchange. Select Automatically recreate user
accounts and mailboxes, and then click Change password.
5. Start the restore job or select other restore options from the Properties pane.
6. After the restore is complete, run a full backup of the restored mailboxes."

If you're redirecting the restore, things are a little trickier - the main thing to watch for is that you must create the mailbox manually before performing the restore. See page 1123 and on of the Administrator's guide for more info.

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It depends on the way you backed up the mailbox in the first place. If I remember correctly, the mailbox shows up in two differrent ways when you prepare the backup now depending on which one of those you seleceted to backup, you may have to dismount the store before restoring. You do that by opening exchange System manager, then administrative groups, select the exchange server, then the storage group, and then the mailbox store. Right clicking that item you'll see "dismount store". You don't have to stop the service to do that. then you do the restore and once the mailbox is back, you can mount the store again. It may also be necessary to allow Veritas to restore corrupt files via Tools, options. Another thing that may be necessary is to turn virus checking of for the duration of the restore. It could be that if there are virae in the mailbox and the antivirus software catches these while restoring, it may stop the mailbox from restoring completely.
Darrell PorterEnterprise Business Process ArchitectCommented:
I recommend splitting points between meyersd and rindi as they both provided, based upon the information provided, workable answers.

I know the string is closed already, but i am having the exact same issue as Mike, only I am using backupexec 10. Also a brick level backup. User has left and they require mailbox back after active directory account has been removed.

I will be attempting to recover the mailbox and active directory account tonight with the information store dismounted tonight (after hours work). Not too hopeful about it working though.

Will post here when I find a solution.
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