Point to Multi-Point Routing VPN Router


I'm looking for a good VPN router/firewall than can handle several IPSec VPN connections from branch offices and provides proper routing between the various VPN tunnels.  The goal is to have a star topology network with the head office at the hub and the branch offices at the spokes and to have branch A reach branch B via the head office.  Offices each use either DSL, cable or wireless local loop service to get broad band as per availability/cost conditions in their area.

Two part answer:

1) Budget for the router is about $600 - what's the best one to get at or below this price?

2) What are the key features that make the suggested router the best one for that price?


ChipM0nk JGLeaderAsked:
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have looked at windows server 2003 ?
ChipM0nk JGLeaderAuthor Commented:
No I haven't, but HW+SW would probably break my budget.  I'm looking more for a black box solution a la Linksys, Watchguard, or other...
If all ready have a system windows server run great PII 500 MHZ.

If all ready server 2003 the vpn dosr not cause much load .

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ChipM0nk JGLeaderAuthor Commented:
Do you know of a black (or red or blue) box solution that does not require a full Win server?
ChipM0nk JGLeaderAuthor Commented:
Nobody can answer this?  I guess it has been forgotten... I'll give it another few days.
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