Cannot send email from

I'm trying to send email from an ASP.NET app and I can do it when I run the app from my desktop machine but it does nothing when I deploy to the production server.  I'm running the Merak Email server on production.  My code is:

                Dim EmailMsg As MailMessage = New MailMessage

                With EmailMsg
                    .To = sTo
                    .Cc = sFrom
                    .Bcc = sCC
                    .From = sFrom

                    .Subject = sSubject
                    .Body = sBody
                    .Fields.Add("", 366)
                    '.Fields.Add("", 2)
                    .Fields.Add("", "1")
                    .Fields.Add("", "myUsername")
                    .Fields.Add("", "myPassword")

                End With
                SmtpMail.SmtpServer = sEmailServer
                sError = Err.Description
            End Try

I don't get an email message nor any entry in the SMTP server log that indicates it attempted to send a message.  Obviously there is something on my dev machine that is missing from production but I don't know what.

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Are you printing sError message anywhere? Check out if you're getting any error in there.

The onlything that you might be checking for is your sEmailServer. Make sure it's configured right and myUserName have proper access on that server.

mdebeerAuthor Commented:
Not printing error message but I will do that.

The code runs find when I run it on my desktop so I know that the username, password, etc. are correct.  It's the same code and it successfully sends an email from that email server if I run it on my desktop.  It just won't run when deployed to the server.
ASP.NET needs that the relay option for the local server is set to permitted. Make sure that in the SMTP server properties, you have given rights to localhost ( to relay mails.

Best, Nauman.

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mdebeerAuthor Commented:
I checked the relay option and it was set to allow localhost.  After further investigation it looks like it was a problem with cookies that was preventing the app from ever firing the email code when running on the production box.  Once I fixed the cookie problem the email functioned as expected.

Thanks for your help.
mdebeerAuthor Commented:
I want to give you guys some points for your responses but the full 500 probably is too much since I resolved it on my own.  Don't know how to assign split and assign less than 500.  Do you guys?
Post a request Community Support asking for a moderator to perform that task for you.


Points are not important, but the Grade is :)
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