Toshiba Tecra S1 Problems - Screen Blank / Auto Shuts off

I'm having a problem with this Tecra S1. Yesterday it was working fine and then all of a sudden it wouldn't boot at all. Power lights were on and fan would spin but the screen wouldn't come up. For some reason I pulled the ram out and made sure it was seated and turned it on and it came right up. But then the screen just shut off and it seemed like it lost power but the light was still on so I'm not sure whats wrong with it. I looked for that little piece that turns off the monitor when you close the laptop but i couldn't find it anywhere. Must be someway attached to the hindge or something. I was thinking it might have something to do with the processor? Anything I can do to test any of this?? I'm kinda in a hurry so I'll beef up the points.

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Joe WoodhousePrincipal ConsultantCommented:
If the power is still on and you still get disk activity, this may be a fault in the screen, the hinge or the connection between the systemboard and the screen. You can check this by hooking the laptop up to an external monitor and "switching screens" (Fn + F5 on a Tecra S1).

If it doesn't work on an external monitor, then we need to rule out operating system issues. If you have a boot floppy disk or a bootable CD (like the Toshiba recovery CDs) trying booting from them. (Do *not* actually run a recover from the recovery CD, as it reimages your disk.) If this works, the problem is your OS. If not, then hardware, probably systemboard.

Good luck!

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1. Press the monitor switch keys a couple times to see if the screen show up.
2. Connect to an external monitor to see if the Windows is up or not.
3. Pull out the battery and use power core only and turn on the power.

netcowebAuthor Commented:
The external monitor works a little better. It shows up once in a while when booting. But it also goes blank and shuts off. It almost seems like it's overheating because if I let it cool down and try it, it'll boot up sometimes, but not all the time. And if it boots, it shows up better on the external than the lcd, although it did show up a couple times. The couple times it did it shutdown after 5 min of use. The LCD has a wire that i think is wierd. I think it's a grounding wire but its taped onto this copper thing on the bezel. Not sure if this has anything to do with the LCD issue. I'll take a pic of it when i get to work and post it. As far as the OS, I dont think I can boot from anything because nothing shows up on the screen. If it displays the image then it boots up fine. Maybe it's the actual display adapter. I saw it's just a part that you can swap out, a little bigger than the size of a ram chip.
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   It sounds like the hardware issue. Is this laptop under the warranty?
If yes, then call your vthe customer support and describe your issue to get some parts replacement or
on-site technican assistence.

There is a known problem for your laptop

From Toshiba's site

    * This Program provides assistance to notebook PC customers whose notebook PCs might be subject to an issue relating to certain components to be defined below provided to Toshiba by third parties.

    * This Program enables users to eliminate the issue by replacement of the memory module ("subject component") provided to Toshiba by third parties. No other components are required to be replaced.

    * This issue is limited to certain notebook PCs only; the model names are listed below. No other computer products or equipment are affected.

    * Notebook PCs currently manufactured by Toshiba are not affected.

      Under certain conditions, the subject component, provided to Toshiba by third-parties and installed in these particular models manufactured during the certain period of time, in combination with certain other components might cause notebook PCs to experience blue screens, intermittent lockups, or undetected memory data corruption. However, the possibility of these issues occurring is extremely low.

      In pursuit of Toshiba's commitment to customer satisfaction, Toshiba is conducting, starting on November 1, 2004, a worldwide voluntary Component Exchange Program for customers whose notebook PCs contain the subject component.

List of Notebook PC Models that Could Contain
The Subject Component

Following is a list of Toshiba notebook PC models that could potentially be subject to this Program.

TECRA 9100
TECRA M2......"

It may or it may not be the cause of your problem.
netcowebAuthor Commented:
Do you happen to have the exact url? This could be the issue.

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