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We have a network with a PIX 506e firewall and need to temporarily go from one system on our network to another remote site with a PIX 506e and have access to another workstation. Is there a way to use the Cisco VPN client to go from inside our network to another workstation on there network?
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Yes,  so long as the pix on that side has vpn enabled and you have all the relevant info.

I use the Cisco VPN client to see web servers behind a pix firewall.  Once the vpn is connected I can ping and see the servers on the other side of the firewall.

I suppose the only restrictions you may run into depends on what you want to acheive.  When I connect it is normally only to run telnet sessions direct to the servers as telnet is blocked on the firewall.  If VPN is configured as ours is though, the vpn connection is seen as a local trusted connection.

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Hmm, since you have 2 pix 506e firewall, why don't you create a VPN Tunnel from PIX to PIX between the 2 locations? It would be more logical.. You can delimit access to whatever you want after via ACLs...

You could also use the VPN Client.. but I prefer the pix to pix solution when you can do it.. Usually, you use a software client when you are at your home..
PangeiaAuthor Commented:
Thank you both for the answers. SKULLS Hawk is the accepted answer for our temp solution. We have since created the VPN tunnel but wondered if we could use the client from within our solution. Also, we found that if you are running different PIX versions it can cause an issue with the client solution. Again, thank you both.
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