Hierarchical tree diagram on the web

Hi Java Experts:

I'm developing a web based HR application system on J2EE plateforms.
I'm asked to draw a hierarchical diagram of enterprise organizations(departments)
which may look like a Visio diagram.
All child departments should be spreaded horizontally under the parent department
and branch line connections are needed between the related parent-child pairs.
In addition to the department name, depending on the query conditions,
employee names under the department may be needed also.
Note that the tree depth in the diagram may be up to 10,
and physical paper printing may be needed.

I think there may be some acceptable solutions to draw the diagram:
(1) Use HTML Table
(2) Use a java component (bean) to generate a JPG,GIF file and then put it on the JSP.
(3) Generate visio data format files and then use Visio MIME-Type in the JSP.

How do you experts think about it ?
Do you have any good idea ?

Sample programs, hyper links, or documentations are appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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You are talking about building a directed graph. There a re a number of ways of doing this but the best solution for an abstract and algorithimic approach is at:


It is open source and well documented

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AlbertYouAuthor Commented:

Hi gdrnec, and CodingExpert :

I'v seen and tried your comments.
Finally, I'v decided to work it out with nested HTML tables.

However, I think both of your comments are worth of earning the points.

Thanks a lot.

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